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  • Where is North Bear Rentals LOCATED, and how far is Bear Lake?
    North Bear Rentals LLC 120 N Main St, Bloomington ID 83223 (PLEASE NOTE: Enter "North Bear Rentals" into Google Maps. The physical address will try to take you to Bern, ID.) North Beach State Park: 12 miles - 10 minutes Bear Lake State Park Marina/Garden City: 16 miles - 20 minutes Cisco Beach 23 miles - 33 minutes First Point 37 miles - 40 minutes Rendezvous Beach - 26.3 miles - 35 min ***North Bear Rentals LLC is NOT located on the lake; however we do offer DELIVERY services!***
  • How does the RENTAL PROCESS work?
    HOW TO BOOK YOUR RENTAL Click "Book Now" at the top of the Select the category and item you would like to reserve. Choose your preferred pick-up date. (Remember to select the preceding day if you plan to pick up the evening before for a 1-Day or Multi-Day rental.) Select your preferred time period "Same-Day," "1-Day," or "Multi-Day" rental period options. Please Note: Only UTVs have a Half-Day rental period. Select your Towables and Add-Ons that will make your adventure amazing! Verify your pick up times, dates and return dates. Complete the Check-Out process through our secure booking platform. You will receive a confirmation email. PICKING UP YOUR RENTAL (20-40 minutes) Arrive at North Bear Rentals property at scheduled Pick-Up Date and Time. You may arrive 15 minutes early. Please bring the following: 1. The person who's name on the reservation with Valid ID. 2. Any persons planning to operate a motorized vehicle and Valid ID. 3. A credit card with the available damage deposit. 4. A Tow Vehicle with a 2" ball and Proof of Insurance. Complete any documentation/payments not already completed when you placed your reservation. Select your Safety Equipment such as life jackets or helmets. (PWC ONLY: All PWC operators are required by Idaho State to watch a 10 minutes "PWC Safety Video".) Choose your reserved Toys and Add-Ons. You may also add additional toys at the time of Check-On. A North Bear Rentals staff member will Hook-Up your Rental to your tow vehicle, take picture documentation and provide a thorough education on your Rental to help you and your Operators avoid injury or damages. (Click Here if you have scheduled Delivery for more information.) Be safe and enjoy your rental! RETURNING YOUR RENTAL (15-25 minutes) When preparing to return your Rental, make sure you allow at least 45 minutes - an hour (North Beach State Park) for busy ramps, traffic lines and time to re-fuel. Being on time is VERY important! If you are going to be late, please call us. When refueling your Motorized Vehicle, please select Ethanol-Free Fuel or Premium, if not available. Fueling station suggestions: 1. Minnetonka: Fuel Stop: St. Charles - Ethanol Free Available 2. Bear Bottom: St. Charles - Ethanol Free Available 3. Paris Sinclair: St. Charles - Premium Available 4. Mike's Market: Garden City - Ethanol Free Available Complete the Equipment Check-Off with a North Bear Rentals staff member where a staff member will review your Rental for [roper fueling and damages. Your Damage Deposit Hold will be released, pending no damages. (PLEASE NOTE: Please keep your fueling receipt) If you think you may be late returning your Rental, please call us immediately. Late returns will be charged a late fee. (Base rate, non-discounted/8hrs.) Units return with excessive sand, mud, food and spills or dog fur will incur an "Above and Beyond Cleaning Fee" of $50-$75 depending on the extent. Units not fueled or under fueled will be charged a $25 fueling fee plus Fuel. If you have questions or experience any issues placing your reservation, please call us at (208) 240-2341.
  • How does your RENTAL PERIODS work?
    North Bear Rentals LLC is proud to bring a new rental experience to the Bear Lake Valley. Enjoy four convenient rental periods to choose from. "Half-Day" (UTVs Only): Securely park your vehicles at North Bear Rentals property and head right up Bloomington or Paris Canyon! (Sorry, we don't offer Half-Day options for Boats, PWCs, or Beach Rentals.) Choose from a large selection Half-Day Rental slots - 4 hours "Same-Day" or "Morning Pick Up": Perfect for Walk-Ins or when distance or overnight parking is an issue! Pick-up in the morning, enjoy your day, and return in the evening! Early Morning Pick Ups - 10 hours Late Morning Pick Ups - 8 hours 2 Day - 34 hours (1 Day + 10 hours) 3 Day - 58 hours (2 Day + 10 hours) 4 Day - 82 hours (3 Day + 10 hours) 5 Day - 106 hours (4 Day + 10 hours) "Evening Pick Up": At North Bear Rentals, enjoy the convenience of our exclusive evening Pick Up option at no extra cost compared to morning Pick Ups! Select what suits you best, allowing our valued customers to take care of everything they need the evening before, ensuring a seamless and early arrival at the lake! 1 Day - 23 hours 2 Day - 47 hours 3 Day - 71 hours 4 Day - 95 hours 5 Day - 119 hours (PLEASE NOTE: All Rentals are returned at the end of the day! Please review your rental return time when reserving.)
  • How does your DELIVERY SERVICE work?
    Don't have a tow vehicle? Do you want a professional to launch and retrieve your Boat/PWC or trailer your UTVs? No parking available at your location? Let us help with professional launch and retrieve! Boat /PWC Delivery to North Beach State Park (Round Trip) 12 miles/10 min $150.00 Boat /PWC Delivery to Bear Lake Marine - Garden City(Round Trip) 16.2 miles/18 min $175.00 Delivery Details and FAQ answers Delivery includes round trip launch and retrieve or UTV trailer delivery and stop for re-fueling. You will still have to arrive at your scheduled check on appointment to complete your check on. You will need to follow your driver to the gas station to fuel up and to North Bear Rentals' location to complete your Check Off. Just add your Delivery request at check out. Plenty of safe parking is available for your vehicles at our North Bear Rentals location in Bloomington. Evening Check-Ons may be delivered the following morning at the agreed-upon time and location discussed at Check On. Multi-day rentals that require delivery for each day of use require a delivery fee.
  • What forms of PAYMENT do you accept?
    We currently accept PayPal, Venmo, Cash, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover to reserve your Rental. Sorry, we do not accept or Checks. Damage deposit must be held with a credit card with the available balance. Cash or Checks are not accepted.
  • What are the AGE REQUIREMENTS to rent or operate rental Equipment?
    MOTORIZED EQUIPMENT You must be 21+ years of age with valid Driver's License to RENT any motorized Equipment. 16-17 years of age to OPERATE any motorized rental equipment with valid Driver's License under direct parental supervision. Operation under 16 years of age is not allowed. PWC operators 14-16 years of who have a valid PWC safety course card and direct parental supervision may operate a PWC. NON-MOTORIZED EQUIPMENT You must be 18+ years of age with a valid Driver's License to RENT non-motorized Equipment such as kayaks and paddleboards. The responsible party is responsible for supervision. PLEASE NOTE: All Renters, Responsible Parties, Drivers, or Operators must be present at pick-up to receive important usage and safety information. ALL PWC Operators must be present at pick up to watch a 10 minute Idaho State PWC Safety video. A safety completion card will be provided upon completion.
  • Does North Bear Rentals LLC offer WALK-IN rentals?
    Yes, we offer Walk-In" rentals! If you see absolutely no time options available, give us a call! If the last pick up time has passed, we would be happy to check our calendars for any openings! Call (208) 240-2341.
  • What ADDITIONAL CHARGES should I expect?
    Additional charges beyond the rental amount and the "refundable" $100-$1500 damage deposit include 6% Idaho Sales State Tax, 6% Platform fee, FUEL, optional delivery, optional toys and added amenities, plus any potential damages/late fees/above and beyond cleaning fees. See our "How it Works" for more details.
  • Do I have to pay for FUEL?
    For boats and PWCs, Yes. Your fuel tank is full at the start of your rental. You are responsible for refueling your Equipment at the end of your rental. All motorized vehicles require 91 Octane fuel or non-ethanol fuel. Our customers will generally fill up at either "Minnetonka Cafe" in St. Charles or "Sinclair" in Paris. Equipment returned under fueled will be charged a $25 fueling fee + fuel costs included fueling during delivery if customer is not present. For UTVs, No. You are not required to fuel your Side-by-Side upon return. Multi-Day rentals, renter is responsible for mid-trip fueling. View our Rental Process for more details about fueling!
  • Can I bring PETS on my Rental Equipment?
    You may take your pet on our Pontoon Boat ONLY for an additional $15/pet/day fee. Pets are welcome on UTVs. Many of our UTVs have a small bed that pets love. Please make sure you leash responsibly. Customers will be charged for any "above and beyond" cleaning, such as dog hair, or damages caused by pets. PLEASE NOTE: North Beach State Park does not allow pets on the beach.
  • HOW LONG does it take to pick up and drop off our rental?
    MOTORIZED EQUIPMENT Please plan for a 20-40 minutes to pick up your rental to allow for missing paperwork, payment, safety equipment, education, equipment check on, and trailer/vehicle hook-up. Please plan for a 15-30 minutes Equipment check-off process to check fuel and any damages. NON-MORTIZED EQUIPMENT Please plan for a 10-20 min to pick up your rental to allow for missing paperwork, payment, safety equipment, education, and loading. Please plan for a 5-10 minutes Equipment check-off process. (PLEASE NOTE: Non-authorized after hour drop offs are not allowed and will result in the o
  • What if we arrive LATE for our reservation or would like to RETURN EARLY?
    Your rental date and time appointment are scheduled to provide the best attention to each customer. Late pick up will not extend your rental period. Please let us know if you are going to arrive late to your scheduled pick up appointment! No refunds are provided for early returns. Unapproved returns after hours are not allowed and will result in forfeiture of the damage deposit.
  • What if we would like to EXTEND our rental?
    Sure! If it's available! Please give us a call at least 2 hours before your scheduled rental Rental Drop-Off time if you would like to extend your rental! If your rental Equipment is still available, we will be happy to extend your rental and prorate any discounts! (Base Rate including discounts/10 Hours).
  • What is the North Bear Rentals CANCELLATION policy?
    Life happens, and Bear Lake weather can be unpredictable. Your safety is our priority, so if you need to cancel your reservation, please do so promptly to allow others to book. Cancellation options: 1. Free cancellations within 24 hours of booking. 2. For cancellations outside the 24-hour window, reschedule for no fee once within the same year—a 5% fee will be 15 applied to any pricing differences. 3. Cancel your reservation for a 5% fee, covering processing costs. No cancellations after equipment leaves. If North Bear Rentals must cancel your reservation due to unforeseen circumstances, such as mechanical issues, we will strive to find an alternative unit. No fees will be charged if a suitable replacement is unavailable.
  • What if we experience bad WEATHER during our rental?
    Unexpected weather conditions can arise throughout the year, and Bear Lake is no exception, with storms frequently occurring towards the day's end. We kindly request that you check the weather conditions before taking your unit from North Bear Rental's premises. For additional information on refunds, please refer to our "Cancellation Policy." Your safety and enjoyment are our top priorities.
  • Do I have to pay for my LIFE JACKETS or HELMETS?
    Nope! All your safety equipment is provided free of charge for the capacity of the Rental. We check to make sure all your safety equipment is on board in the event of a Park's and Rec safety check.
  • What should I know about renting a PWC?
    Info coming soon.
  • What should I know about renting a SKI or JET BOAT?
    More info coming soon!
  • What should I know about Renting a SURF BOAT?
    More info coming soon!
  • What should I know about renting a UTV?
    More info coming soon!
  • North Bear Rentals Right of Refusal
    Failure to meet standard towing requirements, basic competency, the inability to understand operation, safety, or use instructions may result in cancellation. North Bear Rentals reserves the right to refuse service.
  • Where can I find the Idaho State PWC SAFETY VIDEO?

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